September 2018

Producers: Belpearl Myanmar, Belpearl Indonesia, Indopacific Indonesia, Sumapi Philippines, Victor Perles (Rikitea), Ford Perles (Takume)

Catalog & Results

The BELPEARL AUCTION event organized by BELPEARL AUCTIONS (HK) LTD resulted in an aggregated sale of approximately $3,228,700 USD.  Spread across a 4 day span, the auction showcased 470 lots of South Sea pearls from producers from Myanmar, Indonesia and French Polynesia.

“This September we opened the auction with South Sea pearl producers from Indonesia and Myanmar, and followed with two days of sales of Black South Sea pearls from French Polynesia” said Michael Hajjar, director of business development for Belpearl Auctions. “Demand continues to supported for intensely colored South Sea pearls, whether it be Gold, White or Black with strong prices being paid for clean surfaced, well sorted lots.”

Belpearl Auctions is planning its next auction prior to the Jewellery Manufacturers show in Hong Kong, and will feature the harvests of auction partners: Timor Otsuki Mutiara, Bima Sakti Mutiara, Myanmar Atlantic Pearl, Sumapi Pearl Co. of the Philippines as well as producers from Tahiti. The dates are tentatively set for November 8-12, 2018.