November 2017

Producers: Myanmar Atlantic Pearl Co, Belpearl Myanmar, Belpearl Indonesia, Bima Sakti Indonesia, Timor Otsuki Mutiara Indonesia, Sumapi Philippines.

Catalog & Results

The BELPEARL AUCTION event organized by BELPEARL AUCTIONS (HK) LTD, resulted in an aggregated sale of  approximately USD $5,760,000 . The auction showcased 429 lots of South Sea pearls from producers in Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia and Tahiti (French Polynesia) over a four day period, prior to the HKJMA November Jewellery Show in Hong Kong.

Mr. Michael Hajjar, director of business development Belpearl Auctions: “ Asian demand for South Sea pearls seems to be paying decent premiums for pearl lots of dark gold, while increased pressure builds for non-"deep gold" pearl supply. Similarly Black South Sea pearls from Tahiti , and more specifically the island of Rikitea in the Gambier have been positive, owing to the demand for darker black, Black South Sea pearls."

“ Our success has always been providing an organized auction format for producers to get the highest possible prices for their harvests. Currently we have 11 dedicated Auction partners and are very happy to have added another significant producer from Tahiti who has signed on for our upcoming auction in February, 2018.Upcoming News:The next BELPEARL Auction is being organized for January 29-30, 2017 and will feature the harvests of the Myanmar Andaman Company. To find out more about upcoming auctions, visit