15-16 & 24-27
June 2019

Producers: Bima Sakti Mutiara, Timor Otsuki Mutiara, Belpearl Tahiti Auction (Rikitea+Tuamotus)

Catalog & Results

The BELPEARL AUCTION event organized by BELPEARL AUCTIONS (HK) LTD resulted in an aggregated sale of approximately $7.667.000 USD.  During a six day span, the auction showcased 769 lots of South Sea pearls from directly from producers from Myanmar, Indonesia, and French Polynesia.

“This past June auction started strongly, with the first two days showcasing some of the finest pearls available in Indonesia through the Bima Sakti Mutiara (BSM) auction and the Timor Otsuki Mutiara (TOM) company. These companies have a reputation for superior quality pearls and the auction results show that buyers were eager to secure lots from the latest harvests from those companies. Following the conclusion of the June show, we held our first ever auction for the world famous Tasaki company, showcasing excellent lots of gold South Sea pearls, which culminated in over 90% of lots being sold. Said Michael Hajjar, Director of Business Development for the Belpearl Auctions LTD. “The final event was the Belpearl Tahiti Auction, which showcased over 350,000 pearls from across French Polynesia. Despite the current overabundance of supply, we distributed some of the finest Black South Sea pearls available, with strong prices were paid for superior lots, as auction members place continue to place premiums on fine quality lots that are in still, despite the situation, in short supply.

Belpearl Auctions is planning its next auction prior to the September Jewellery Show in Hong Kong.  Scheduled from the 10-15th of September, The event will be held at it's newly dedicated Pearl Auction Center space at the China Life Center @ One HarbourGate in Hung Hom. The auction will begin with two days of the Belpearl Tahiti Auction featuring independent producers from French Polynesia, followed by the Timor Otsuki Mutiara and the Indopacific Pearl Company form Indonesia. The last two days will feature the Sumapi Pearl Company from the Philippines, and the Tasaki Pearl Company.